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The Gabriel Caruana Foundation is a non-profit making contemporary art and culture organisation. We run on a mix of elbow grease, public funding, private donations and fundraising activities. We greatly appreciate your support that will help us continue contributing towards contemporary art and culture, cultivate contemporary artists, maintaining The Mill, developing exciting projects and bringing art closer to all! Your donation will be used wisely and efficiently from tension wires, to artist support, workshop materials, wages and more. Our artistic programme challenges, embraces and tries to be relevant in today’s fast changing world. We aim to provide time and space for artists and our community to grow, explore and develop. We are a voluntary organisation and are registered with the Commissioner of Voluntary Organisations having registration number VO1236.

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How will my support make a difference?

Here's the reality, not everyone can afford to attend art workshops so as a Foundation we try to provide workshops that are free of charge. In order to ensure that we hit the mark on fun, creativity and self-expression we make sure to work with highly talented individuals and collectives. By sponsoring a workshop you will be helping us in covering the cost of tutors, materials and marketing. We have developed a reputation for unique, thought provoking and accessible workshops, from inventing instruments to art activism. So why not be part of this by supporting a workshop? 

What about emerging artists, will I be supporting them too?

Since 2017 the Gabriel Caruana Foundation has supported an emerging artist by setting up a solo exhibition at The Mill. The Foundation has so far supported Maxine Attard, Enrique Tabone and Charlene Galea. Your support will directly contribute the the SPRING programme.  We ensure that emerging contemporary artists are provided mentoring, support, space and time to develop their artistic practice. 

How will my contribution support art in the long-term?

We want to build a truly grassroots art collection thus ensuring everyone can freely access contemporary art at The Mill. Your support will help us acquire contemporary art from emerging artists. You will therefore support emerging contemporary artists and public access to contemporary art.

I know I am fantabulous, but what's this Wall about? 

The only Wall that we want to see more of is this Wall. Every supporter gets to have their name on our Art Wall! It's a big THANK YOU to all those kind souls that are supporting our cause, that of bringing contemporary art closer to our collective heart!
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