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Art to Ware

For the second year running the Gabriel Caruana Foundation is pleased to participate in Buongiorno Ceramica! an Italian initiative by AiCC and ARTEX. The Gabriel Caruana Foundation is organising the exhibition entitled ‘Art to Ware’ and a pop-up shop at the Mill – Art, Culture and Crafts Centre in Birkirkara, Malta.

‘Art to Ware’, curated by Umberto Buttigieg, will focus on contemporary art and design ware including ceramics, photography, wood, perspex and acrylic. ‘Art to Ware’ explores how artists and designers express creativity in everyday objects whilst each developing a unique signature. The exhibition will explore works that are on the margins of art and design, aesthetics and function and purposefully explore genre definitions. The works chosen will present a play between individual expression and standardization, thus blurring the lines between art and design.

The event will also include a pop-up shop where participating designers and potters will be able to sell their design-ware with part of the proceeds donated towards the maintenance of the Mill.


Venue: The Mill – Art, Culture and Crafts Centre, Birkirkara

Dates: 2nd to 23rd June

Opening hours:
Mondays to Fridays from 17:00 to 19:00
Saturdays from 9:00 to 13:00

6th of June at 8pm – Meet and Greet

Participants:  Tessie Borg, Umberto Buttigieg, Gabriel Caruana, Demetra Kallitsi, Sue Mifsud, Andrea Pullicino, Enrique’ Tabone (Que), Audrey Torrero, Maureen Vella and Raffaella Zammit