Health and Safety at The Mill

The Gabriel Caruana Foundation is once again opening The Mill – Arts, Culture and Crafts Centre for the public to visit from the 30th of July 2020. To ensure a safe environment for all and to facilitate contact tracing (should there be the need), we have set up a simple booking system on Eventbrite where one can book their visit in advance.  To access tickets check the current event page for the link. 

A maximum of 6 people are allowed inside The Mill at the same time. Weekday slot is for a maximum of 30 minutes, weekend slots for a maximum of hour. A number of options are available for visitors:

  1. Individual Visits: Book a slot for one person. Other individuals/groups may be present at the same time, respecting maximum capacity of The Mill. Groups of up to 4 people can book at one go.
  2. Private Individual or Group Visits: Book a slot for individuals or groups up to 6 people. The Mill will be reserved entirely for an individual or the group for 30 minutes. These visits are against a donation fee of your choice. 

To enable people to visit The Mill, the following precautions will in place:

  1. Visitors will have their temperature checked before entering The Mill. Individuals with temperatures above 37.2 degrees Celsius will not be allowed into the premises.
  2. All visitors over the age of six should wear a protective face mask or visor. Individuals without a face mask or visor will not be allowed to enter the premises. The Gabriel Caruana Foundation will not provide facemasks or visors to visitors.
  3. Hand sanitiser should be applied upon entering. This will be provided at the door.
  4. Should anyone have any symptoms prior to their visit, they should refrain from visiting and cancel their visit by sending an email to
  5. The Gabriel Caruana Foundation has the right to refuse entry to individuals who seem visibly unwell or have respiratory symptoms.
  6. Limited personal belongings should be brought to the premises on their visit.
  7. Visitors should maintain adequate physical distancing whilst inside the premises. A minimum of 2m is suggested.

The information provided with every free ticket bought will be stored by the Gabriel Caruana Foundation for 30 days, after which it will be deleted. Should the need arise, it will be shared accordingly with Public Health Authorities to facilitate contact tracing.

No one will be allowed inside without a booking.