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Born in 1929, Malta, Gabriel Caruana has in the course of his long artistic career made a respected name for himself in the field of sculpture, painting, and ceramics. Early training in Malta was followed by travel and studies in Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. Early in his artistic career, Caruana showed a marked preference for the international modern art movement. Indeed, in Malta he was one of the pioneers of modern art, expressing himself in innovative sculptures in wood, papier mâché, objets trouvés, paintings and ceramic art. Ever the innovative and prolific artist, Caruana sought to exhibit his work in Malta and beyond, during a time when it was quite a challenge to travel, connect and establish his name outside of his home country. His friendship and contacts with artists, creatives and critics including Richard England, Victor Pasmore (United Kingdom), Domenico Matteucci (Italy), Carlo Zauli (Italy), Charles Sewter (United Kingdom), Henry Caroselli (USA), Julius Schmidt (USA) earned him precious experience, introductions and artistic growth.

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In order to research the artistic output and preserve the artistic legacy of Gabriel Caruana, the Gabriel Caruana Foundation is initiating the process of compiling a Catalogue Raisonné to document Caruana’s output. The Gabriel Caruana Foundation aims to prepare and possibly publish a catalogue raisonné of the works of Gabriel Caruana.  The Gabriel Caruana Foundation may from time to time collaborate with writers, researchers, advisors, consultants, and all individuals and entities providing any funding for the purposes of compiling the Catalogue.

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