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Gabriel Caruana – A Contemporary in the Modern

Gabriel Caruana was born in 1929. Gabriel was known as the founder of The Mill, a foundation dedicated to promote modern and contemporary artists in Malta and Gozo, while having an extensive career locally and internationally. Many are familiar with Gabriel Caruana as one of the pioneers of Modern Art on the island, with a reputation as one of the most accomplished local artists, working mainly in ceramics.  The tribute to Caruana at Valletta Contemporary in collaboration with the Gabriel Caruana Foundation aims to bring out the contemporary qualities within Caruana’s Modernism. The selected works will highlight new perspectives onto work that he is not traditionally recognised for.

Gabriel Caruana incorporated many different methods in painting, sculpture and ceramics, such as painting on objects, sighting specific locations for his sculptures and the subtle traces of found materials in his ceramics. Also using ready-made objects and incorporating a multitude of different materials such as fiberglass, concrete, papier mache, wood, cable wheels, car tyres – elements that organically bridges modernism to contemporary art.

Join us at Valletta Contemporary for a one night only guided walkthrough discussing Gabriel Caruana’s tribute show. Our discourse will be run in collaboration with MUŻA – The Malta National Community Art Museum by modern and contemporary art curator, Katya Micallef.


Venue: Valletta Contemporary

Date: 24th August 2018