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The Tree Council

The Tree Council is an artistic intervention between Parking Space Events and the Gabriel Caruana Foundation

The Tree Council explores a pressing matter of two lovable trees in Triq il-Wied, Balzan that are being scheduled to be chopped down ( “replanted” ) in the upcoming days. Here we’d like a council of trees and plants to have a say in the process. What memories they have to share through their lifetime? What was happening on the island when they were born? Was it a century or two ago? Did they live a happy life? Did they have plans for the future?

All of the above and their real-time experience of the event will be recorded using microphones, text and verbal thought speculation. This might be the trees’ last chance to transmit any kind of message.

We will also invite human attendees and passers-by to think about and discuss their relationship with these two trees and with trees in general as well as create their preferred plans for the area based on their experiences. Should the trees stay or should they go? Who should make the decision? Do the trees have a say in this?

In the run-up to the event, we invite the residents of Balzan and those who use this road to post about their experiences in relation to the trees. How long have the trees been here? What do they remember?


Venue: The Two Trees, Balzan Valley, Balzan

Date: Saturday 23rd June

Time: 5 pm to 7 pm