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Nisġa: Storja Kontemporanja is an art exhibition that examines the multifaceted identity of the Maltese artist in six chapters. The Maltese word ‘nisġa’ connotes ‘weave’ and much like a piece of cloth, this exhibition is woven out of unusual narratives, connections and relations. Taking as its point of departure the artists featured in the 1991 publication Malta: Six Modern Artists, this exhibition bridges across generations by featuring both works that employ traditional techniques as well as those which incorporate modern media. Set in a carefully curated space, the exhibition explores the persona of the Maltese artist, while also illuminating Malta’s connections to European and international art narratives.

The exhibition was curated by Irene Biolchini  and Sandro Debono and was held in Spazju Kreattiv Valletta, forming part of the Valletta 2018 Cultural Programme.

The front cover - mixed media panel by Gabriel Caruana, photography by Elisa Von Brockdorff.

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