SKOPRI Hero Image

SKOPRI is a project by the Gabriel Caruana Foundation that aims to ensure The Mill – Art, Culture and Crafts Centre is cultivated in a sustainable manner. SKOPRI is contributing towards the implementation of our long term vision of nurturing artists, engaging with different communities and ensuring that the legacy of Gabriel Caruana and The Mill is preserved and furthered. SKOPRI (maltese for: unveiling, discovering) is focusing on three different aspects, namely the recovery following the COVID-19 Pandemic, the conservation of tangible and intangible cultural and artistic heritage, and the sustainability and longevity of The Mill as a Contemporary Art Centre.

This will be acheived by working together with consultants and volunteers to ensure that different requirements are investigated. TBA Periti are providing consultation on the Structural and Conservation requirements, to ensure that the physical structure is conserved for future generations. TBA Periti are preparing architectural drawings, providing method statements and other documentation that will guide us. Galea Curmi Engineering are entrusted with investigating the building services requirements that will enable us to operate as a fully functional Contemporary Artistic Centre that espouses energy efficient principles, as much as possible. Landscape Architect Antoine Gatt is providing us his extensive expertise in understanding the requirements and benefits of a potential green roof such as reducing cooling and heating costs, increasing biodversity through the use of pollinator species and contributing towards the introduction of green infrastructure. Conservator Nathalie Debono is researching a number of wall paintings found at The Mill, the investigation may reveal more information about the previous uses of The Mill, thereofore contributing towards its documented history. Toni Attard of Culture Venture is bringing his creative and strategic experience to help actualise even further our vision and aspirations for the Gabriel Caruana Foundation and The Mill by working with us to develop a Creative Business Strategy that will sustain our non-profit organisation. Through SKOPRI we are also documenting and archiving the Permanent Art Collection, this is being done through our dedicated Volunteers. Raffaella Zammit (Creative Director and Programme Manager) and Elyse Tonna (Creative Director and Curator)  are ensuring that the whole project reaches its aims of getting  closer towards a fully functional, environmentally and financially sustainable, resilient and inclusive Mill. 

SKOPRI by the Gabriel Caruana Foundation is financed by the Post-Pandemic Support Scheme of Cultural Heritage, managed by the Government and the Ministry for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government.