toolbox+ aims to empower up-and-coming artists to hone their skills, particularly related to project management, proposal writing, marketing and developing artistic concepts. The Gabriel Caruana Foundation has supported more than a hundred artists through exhibitions, open calls, seminars and workshops and project collaborations. Since 2020 the Foundation has developed an artistic programme specifically for emerging artists, called SPRING. This programme has so far supported more than 20 early career artists. These different experiences have revealed certain skill-sets that need further development especially by younger artists. These skills are generally acquired through experience, specific courses offered outside of Malta or through online courses. As a Foundation we aim to support modern and contemporary artists, particularly emerging artists in a variety of manners, including the sharing of professional experience within the contemporary artistic sector. Therefore the project aims to deliver four thematic workshops from The Mill – Art, Culture and Crafts Centre, Birkirkara by experienced professionals. The workshops will be free of charge and offered to early career artists.

toolbox+ by the Gabriel Caruana Foundation is financed by the BeActive Scheme an initiative managed and administered by Agenzija Zghazagh within the Parlaimentary Secreteriat for Youth, Sport and Volunatry Organisations.