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Buongiorno Ceramica 2020

This year the Gabriel Caruana Foundation is participating in the 2020 edition of Buongiorno Ceramica!  During the month of May the Associazione Italiana Città della Ceramica organizes the international festival ‘Buongiorno Ceramica’. The Foundation has participated in this event in 2016 (De-Form | Re-Form) and in 2017 (Art to Ware). In 2016 the Foundation was the first international partner to collaborate on this event, the following year the AiCC opened the festival to other participating countries.

For this year’s extraordinary edition we will be sharing on our social media platforms (You Tube, Facebook and Instagram) videos, photos, and information about contemporary ceramic artists, contemporary ceramic designers, Ceramic in public spaces and ceramics in public collections.   We will be presenting works by Gabriel Caruana, Antoine Paul Camilleri, Mario Sammut, Sina Farrugia, Paul Scerri, Tony Briffa, Joseph Agius, Victor Agius and Sue Mifsud. We are also collaborating with the non-governmental organisation ACT who have mapped and documented ceramic public arts found in Malta and Gozo. The Foundation is also collaborating with Fondazzjoni Kreattivita who have taken the initiative to propose, in video format, contemporary ceramic art and more found in their collection through the lens of Gabriel Caruana and his legacy. We have also produced a short video clip about Gabriel Caruana using footage from past interviews with which we introduce our viewers to his work, The Mill and our permanent ceramic collection. This virtual exhibition also serves as an opportunity to start celebrating The Mill 30th anniversary (June 2020).


Do you want to participate in Buongiorno Ceramica, help promote Maltese ceramic artists and designers and try your luck at winning an amazing book about Gabriel Caruana’s Ceramic artwork?

Yes, yes and yes? Here’s how! Take a selfie with a contemporary ceramic artwork or original designware and tagging #selfieceramico and @gabrielcaruanafoundation on Instagram or Facebook. The winner will win a publication of “Gabriel Caruana: Ceramics” (Libria publishers). The selfies will be shared on our social media platforms.

Venue: Online You Tube, Facebook and Instagram

Dates: 16th and 17th May 2020




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