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Patterns of Permission is a series of work by Emma Fsadni that was first exhibited during ‘Unwoven’ collective exhibition at The Mill, curated by Elyse Tonna and part of the SPRING Artistic Programme by the Gabriel Caruana Foundation.

Patterns of Permission extends off the body of work titled Preparatory Prevent exhibited as part of ‘Displacing’ in 2019. Shifting from shedding awareness on certain routinely blocks, these experimental prints start to tackle and, more importantly, seek beyond the obsessive tendencies previously introduced. Marks created through the use and manipulation of objects such as kitchenware, hangers and makeup – all of which were tied to these behavioural patterns, the artist opts to repurpose these objects, using them as a tool to initiate alternate visual and literal patterns.

Implementing a playful approach, each composition varies from the next, removing the need for control and granting permission to explore the indefinite. Some visuals reveal hints of predictability, crave and shame, whilst others invite softness, light and desire. The aim was never a final work, rather a simple chance of existence, to come alive and evolve as ties continue to loosen. This act of permission is not limited to the artist’s experience and is hoped to ignite others to dedicate space and time to challenge their individual restrictive patterns through the act of play.