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Androgynous Identities (2020-2021) by Rhea Micallef Gavin was exhibited during ‘Inherent Dispositions’ collective exhibition at The Mill, curated by Elyse Tonna and part of the SPRING Artistic Programme by the Gabriel Caruana Foundation.

Since identity is performative and ever changing, Micallef Gavin constantly asks the question, “If clothing is a direct expression of self, how has the current state of gender influenced fashion brands and identity?” This discussion was represented through androgynous identity, delicate silhouette and bold colour. These works aim to explore the idea of “masculinity” in the gender conundrum that is today, by what it means to be a masculine woman and a not so masculine man in coherence with the fashion industry. Currently questioning identity through the lens of the living room and also considering the point of view of the garment when the wearer is muted. Predominantly a painter, Rhea mixes oils with methods of lino print, monotype and digital print to explore the notions of masculinity from a feminine point of view. While simultaneously trying to re-define that binary.