Florinda (b. 1986) is a dance artist from and based in Malta. She initiates, leads, and supports performing arts projects in Malta and internationally, taking on various roles as a contemporary dance and screendance performer, maker, collaborator, researcher, educator, and producer. Her work collaboratively investigates the sites of encounter between human and more-than-human bodies within public spaces, bringing forth questions of agency, responsibility, and care. Florinda addresses these sites of encounter as nodes of creative potential from which movement, matter, and knowledge may emerge, across and between disciplines. Her most recent research dances with digital media, analogue photography, clay sculpture, and stress data from biometric sensors, in and around The Mill Art, Culture and Crafts Centre in Birkirkara, Malta.

Florinda held her first solo exhibition with the Gabriel Caruana Foundation as part of teh SPRING Artistic Programme for Emerging Artists. The exhibition Affect Aliens explored the points of encounter between human and more-than-human bodies as sites of creative potential. Here, relational curiosity is materialised through transdisciplinary co-creative processes within collaborative work involving digital media, polaroid photography, clay sculptures, and live performance. For this expansive research-based project, Florinda has invited some special collaborators on board: Sarah Bonaci to research and create with polaroid photography, Romeo Roxman Gatt to research and create with digital imagery, and Kamila Wolszczak Speculative Artifacts to research and create with clay.