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This sculptural work forms part of a larger body of work ‘Tiles of Occupation’ (2020/2021) by Sheldon Saliba which was exhibited during ‘un/usual occurrence’ collective exhibition at The Mill, curated by Elyse Tonna and part of the SPRING Artistic Programme by the Gabriel Caruana Foundation.

Tiles of Occupation sculptural works tackle the use of land and how it is broken up into built and unbuilt spaces. The works question the ongoing urban encroachment of rural spaces in the name of progress, without any concern for the value of the landscape or the character of the villages. Tiles of Occupation addresses areas which are yet to be tempered with or are in imminent danger, it has been temporarily set up in multiple locations, disturbing spaces and vistas.

Tiles of Occupation was project supported by the Arts Council Malta and Agenzija Zghazagh through the programme Artivisti (2020).