Think Outside The Dot (2021) by Kamy Aquilina was exhibited during ‘How do you feel?’ collective exhibition at The Mill, curated by Elyse Tonna and part of the SPRING Artistic Programme by the Gabriel Caruana Foundation.

The work is aimed at raising awareness about the current environmental situation in Malta. It inspires audiences to raise questions. The black and white double exposure photos represent the urban polluted and overdeveloped areas. The red dot draws in the claustrophobic, tense, frustrated feelings the artist experiences at the sight of green areas being eaten away by concrete buildings. Kamy is not only witnessing rapid changes, but also noticing the regular assault on nature. The environmental situation in Malta makes the artist wish she could change the current atmosphere into a more peaceful and green one, where one can appreciate the environment, the sounds of nature and stillness of silence.  These artworks are also a developing process on Kamy’s previous project Xlokk Kaħlani.