Postcards from the Pastizzar (2020) by Is-Sinjurina (Sarah Portelli) was exhibited during ‘unwoven’ collective exhibition at The Mill, curated by Elyse Tonna and part of the SPRING Artistic Programme by the Gabriel Caruana Foundation.

Postcards from the Pastizzar is a series of works that seeks to explore contemporary dating culture through the use of found objects and traditional media. Each piece ispainted on a paper bag sourced from pastizzeriji from around Malta and Gozo and isintended to cheekily comment on the fast paced nature of multiple aspects of contemporary life – from our eating patterns to our dating habits. The pieces are inspired by common poses found in nude selfies.
The intention behind this ongoing series is to transform the traditionally highly praised artistic nude into something accessible and distance it from its reputation as an object of ʻHigh Artʼ, only meant to be appreciated by spectators in galleries and museums or in the private residences of art collectors.